Taking Steps Forward

Soluna Style founded by Zaire is on target for amazing growth leading into 2022 and inline with this growth and the future plans of the company has launched a new website and online boutique selling unique items from their interior design and fashion styling collection. The longterm vision of Soluna Style is to continue to build on its client base while providing the consistent feeling for each client that they are the only client of the company. Zaire will continue to provide first hand connection with every client and to maintain availability to each client that is inline with the company’s core values. Stay tuned throughout the year as more and more items will be added to the boutique as Soluna style – launches new website continues.

Soluna Style – Launches New Website

The website was developed by Gatman Media in conjunction with Blue Endeavors, Inc and the Soluna Style team and is a testament to the overall quality and unique experience that Zaire and her Soluna team are driven to provide. This joint collaboration was well though out and extremely well executed by the Gatman team and they will continue to provide support and management of the site moving forward. We at Soluna Style hope you enjoy our new look and continued vision of assisting individuals with finding their style and individuality.

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