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Zaire Cabral | Creating a Style to be Used in All Aspects of Life

Zaire has had design and style in her blood since she was a little girl, and it continues to be her true passion beyond family. While growing up in the mountains of Venezuela, Zaire was surrounded by the beauty of the country’s landscape. Always intrigued by different architecture and design styles, Zaire realized at an early age that would be her path in life and decided to pursue a career in design.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s in interior design from the University of Los Andes she entered into the industry as an architect creating plans for construction in her hometown.

Zaire soon realized the potential in the United States and moved to Miami where she opened a furniture store importing goods from Fiji and selling them across the US and as well into South America. Upon starting a family, Zaire sold the furniture store and entered the construction and customized pool business designing and building customized pools and homes as well in multiple countries. With her pool designs being featured in some of Miami’s finest homes as well as some of the finest resorts in Miami, South America, and the Caribbean the business quickly grew to become one of the largest customized pool builders in America.

Fashion and Wardrobe

After deciding to make a change in her personal life Zaire Cabral continued her career in design and stepped into a world of her other design passion, the world of fashion and wardrobe. Entering a contract with NBC to provide design services to the film and television industry, she worked with set design and wardrobe for the entire cast of multiple films and major television series. This experience was another world of excitement and fulfillment being involved in the constant life of film and being able to see her works televised for the world to see.

The Right Style For Your Life

This culmination of experience in all aspects of design and fashion has led Zaire to her ultimate aspiration of sharing her style, knowledge, and experience with others and creating the right style for their lifestyle. The formation of Soluna Style was Zaire’s dream of alignment of the sun, moon and stars – formal education, working experience in various aspects of design, and personal experience of life, business and love for style. “Connecting with a client and having them in awe of the final result is what really matters to me, be it their home, their yacht, their plane or simply their wardrobe… I enjoy creating a style to be used in all aspects of life.”, said Zaire. Zaire loves UNIQUE and believes that each and every one of us should shine in our own unique way and style that tells a story of who we are and what we love.

Soluna Style | Private Client Stylist & Consulting

Find your style with Zaire and experience what so many have come to appreciate …

a strong sense of style and design with the warmth of a heart filled with passion and love.