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Combining Elements of Style for Individualized Identity

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A Life Long Background Involved in Design and a Passion for Wardrobe Fashions and Accessorizing.

For the woman or man, who seeks direction or where they themselves do not have the time, knowledge or patience to maintain a cohesive wardrobe, Zaire and her associates work to provide a centered fashion direction.

The Soluna philosophy is to find “the right style for your life”. Zaire and her team of associates keep an eye open to the whimsical and off center sense of style, but not as matter of necessity or against one’s inner sense of self.

Client Engagement

After an initial dialogue and face-to-face personal introductions, the initial process becomes one of familiarization and understanding. Our appreciation for a client’s life style enables us to suggest, encourage and curate the clothing you will love, so you can look your best for any occasion. We work with a client as a personal fashion stylist, personal shopper and wardrobe manager.

Your Time Matters

We understand the value of time. For this reason, we want to work towards minimizing the amount of time you have to think about what to wear. We want to achieve a harmony within the wardrobe, but on an occasion or event, suggest ideas that vitalize clients perspective of style and image.

How To Begin?

Contact Zaire in the United States by email or by phone +1 305.562.1080. Face Time and Zoom sessions available by appointment.

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