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Extending a Continuity of Style to Personal Spaces

As in wardrobe fashion, one’s life style design choices exemplify and reinforce the person’s statement of self. Zaire seeks to identify that personal style and extend it so there is a cohesion and balance across the spectrum of design elements.

Zaire works one-on-one with clients and their personal assets to ensure a continuity of objectives. Individually, or as part of project with multiple contributors, Zaire and her associates, understand the discretion that a project may require.

Client Engagement

Our appreciation for a client’s life style and the understanding of the physical location(s) and the areas within a home, business, yacht, plane or other interior spaces, enable us to suggest the changes and items that work best in extending a vision complimentary to the client in their design needs. We work with a client on a one-one-one basis, with a client’s personal assistant or as part of a larger team.

We can work to establish a project vision from the ground up or to supplement an existing project with an attention to detail that brings all elements together.

Your Time Matters

We understand the value of time. For this reason, we want to work towards minimizing the amount of time you have to involve yourself in the details. But if you enjoy the hands-on-process, then we work closely in this manner as well.

How To Begin?

Contact Zaire in the United States by email or by phone +1 305.562.1080. Face Time and Zoom sessions available by appointment.

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