Bring The Outdoors Inside

Since the COVID Pandemic we as a world have been spending a lot more time indoors and as well at home which has caused a new outlook of what the design of a home should be. One of the latest design trends of 2022 is to bring the outdoors inside by using unique design elements and vast windows connecting you to the outdoors even while in the confines of your living room. Creating these new spaces can come with different challenges from safety and building code requirements to privacy and security when you do want to be secluded in your space. However, with the manufactures of construction and design elements pushing the envelope to become ever more creative, there are a multitude of options to create unbelievable views and spaces that will make you never want to leave.

Being Bold

Gone is the idea that you need to compare with what the jones’s have and here is the idea that you need to create something that is uniquely you. Taking the step of being bold in your overall style means being open to experience something new and unique. Finding your style and encompassing it throughout your life in all aspects of what you present to the public world and as well what you keep private for only yourself, your family and your closest friends. These bold statements may be as subdued as wearing a pair of sneakers with everything from a pair of shorts to a full elegant suit to building an office within your home that is fit for the CEO of the worlds largest company. The latest bold statements in design around the globe are showing the power of creativity and the determination of mankind to make the impossible possible.

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